Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saturday Centus

Saturday Centus #13
100 word meme using the prompt highlighted in bold.

The summer breeze flowed through my fingers spread out like a starfish, as we drove last weekend.  Randingo and I were checking the local garage sales for hidden treasures, and I had just disclosed the fact that I had started a blog a few months back.

“I don’t get it,” she says, “I’ve told you before that your poetry is good. What’s different about hearing it from complete strangers?”

“That’s just it…they don’t know me. Their comments therefore have to be sincere, right?” I explained.

“Yeah, they don't know you," she pondered. "Now i see that’s why it meant so much.”


Terra said...

I tell you sista! This is so so so true. I often even question strangers comments - self doubt is horrid. I rarely put out my "real writing" on the blog - the comments are always very kind..but it is a hard plunge to take and when a positive comment comes from a stranger it really sticks with you.

Well done! Very well done!

Terra said...

PS- the owls on the bottom of your left sidebar...??? do tell.

Viki said...

I know where your coming from with this. It's fun to hear people you don't know give their opinions on something that you've written. Great Centus.

Templeton's fury said...

@Terra: I have always loved owls (your icon is so cute btw). My grandma loved them too and we are both teachers. Maybe it's a teacher thing?

Sue said...

I like getting feedback from people I don't know, too.


Suz said...

you are right on this
but hey
you have to see it as good
or it really doesn't count in the end
a thousand "your goods"
don't count as much as one
from within

Jenny said...

Isn't this the absolutely truth. The people that love us don't count when they tell us how talented we are...aren't they supposed to do that? Encourage us? Lift us up with praise?


Since I don't know you at all, and just read your blog for the first time because of SC I will tell you sincerely...

You've got the gift.

Your ability to let us see your words is nothing short of amazing.


Time to work on getting published. You are THAT good.

Anonymous said...

this speaks volumes to me.....