Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is a submission for Sunday Scribblings #227, and this week's topic was "halfway."


I sit here.
You sit there.
5 feet apart.
But it seems more than 5 feet
in that distance
there are miles of hurt
there are highways of mistrust
there are oceans of pain.
I could fill the sky
with what you've done.
In that distance
is a space
that can't be bridged.
5 feet apart.
And Halfway
is nowhere.



Greyscale Territory said...

A powerful halfway point that is more like an endless chasm rather than a midway meeting point! A beautiful piece of writing!

Terra said...

that was wonderful!

Prayer Girl said...

A couple of years ago our church was having a spiritual renewal and the priest was also a counselor. He said whenever he sat down with someone he would pray that the holy spirit would fill every space between them that was not occupied by themselves. I found it beautiful and have used it.

Thanks for becoming a follower.

jaerose said...

Nicely put..a poem full of understanding and experience - I also loved your profile description (made me smile!) Jae :)

Understanding Alice said...

this is very good - the feeling is well expressed - what a distance.

Nimue said...

this had lots of pain and love too ..

umavidula said...

very simple yet very fulfilling poem

Paul Andrew Russell said...

Hope is a bridge for all chasms.

Lovely poem.

sarah said...

I'm feeling that distance with a friend right now. Boy did you express it right on...

Wine and Words said...

Heavy. The weight of it almost oppressive...but that you so understood the moment so well, was a lift out of that place! I loved this piece!

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful verses woven here. Thank you for checking out my blog. I like the name Templeton. I am curious if you fashioned the name after Charlotte's Web. You have a nice site here. Take care.

Susan Deborah said...

Distance of the heart is always miles away . . . and you expressed that so poignantly.
The owls in the side panel looks so nice. I like them.
I see your icon in almost many of the blogs I frequent so I'd thought shall visit you.

I will come again.

Joy always,

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Another great and powerful poem. The river runs deep in your images and word flow. I love it. Hope that you check out Undead Poets Society.


Jim Murdoch said...

Enjoyed the imagery in this one. My kind of poem.

Tina Rathore said...

Very b'fully expressed. It is not always easy to weave such good poetry with a prompt...but you did it. A gifted poet, indeed. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog. Will be here often.