Friday, August 6, 2010

My Sanctuary

The Thursday Think Tank
Poets United will put out weekly poetry prompts in hopes of inspiring great poetry. We will attempt to do so every Thursday. This is not a requirement of our members, it is merely a way to provoke our creative urges.

Sanctuary: a place of refuge
My Sanctuary
My sanctuary lies in a musty church basement.
It is decorated with uncomfortable metal folding chairs and smells of strong, black coffee.
My sanctuary doesn't have a choir.
In fact, instead of hymns I hear anthems of despair.  Anthems of desperation and, at times, surrender.
I don't find angels either. 
The voice of God sounds exactly like the stranger sitting next to me.
In my sanctuary i find my fellow tribe members.  And they will keep me safe from the visions in my head for a short while.
I am sheltered from the monster that whispers, "This time you can handle it."
This church basement holds
laughter and tears
hope and redemption
death and life.
My sanctuary is no longer in the shape of little white pills.
Now my sanctuary is in me.


Mary said...

I think everyone's best sanctuary is within themself. You nailed it!

Traci said...

This is one of the most profound things that I have ever read, I am completely amazed by your poignant words.

I came over to tell you there was an award for you on my blog --

This post was simply further proof to me of what a tremendous blog you have.

All my best,

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hello! I was blog-hopping around today and landed here. So glad I did. You really have a gift for writing!

I also love your profile description. I'm a pediatric psych nurse and I appreciate the fact that you lock up the scissors!

Doc FTSE said...

I'm returning a visit you made recently to a Very Silly Blog. I found your poem here very thoughtful and though provoking. Like Gina Lee Kim, I much liked you Profile. It is bravely funny!

annell said...

I like your sanctuary, of you. And you can always count on you to be there. Thank you.

Suz said...

Hello Fury, love your is such an active passionate name....anyway, I read you wanted to be a writer but instead....are you kidding?
you are a writer of the highest calling
Your Sanctuary piece was for me sad
but I see the hope in it
I love how you used the church basement
there is an irony here
but I would guess that the church basement is a former church basement and now is a different kind of sanctuary
Not taking place in THE sanctuary but in the church basement..irony all over and through this
wonderful deep piece
bless your work...the writing

RockiBottom said...

Your writing is beautiful. I am truly enjoying your blog.

Doreen McGettigan said...

You are a writer. Your words made the hair on my arms stand up. I am your newest follower and I want to come back on Thursday. Think about joining She Writes; it is a great place for wanna be, almost,writers and folks to help you along!
Have a great weekend!

Paul Andrew Russell said...

You are definitely a writer. This is a moving and well written piece. Good writing doesn't always have to be sunny. I find your piece dark but ultimately full of hope. Life is life, and we live it in an assortment of places and in various stages of development, and often despair.

You have written a beautiful poem here. :-)

Jenny said...



Really at a loss for words here.



Templeton's fury said...


jeff campbell said...

Superior stuff

Jingle said...

cool poem,
truthful words.
u r the driver of your car,
thus u are the reason for everything,

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Templeton's fury,
I'm so glad to have had a chance to find you and your words, via Poets United.
What an honest insight, to your place of sanctuary.
Thank you for sharing.

CatLadyLarew said...

Through powerlessness, we sometimes find our power for redemption. Well written!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

My friend I thank you for following my blog. Most of all I love your sight. I would like it if I could add my poems to your Thrusday prompt.
You poem is excellent in both words and images.
I too seek redempition and write for Undead Poetry.
I am most honored that I follow your blog.


Dymphna said...

Very powerful.

Susannah said...

Really loved the line "The voice of God sounds exactly like the stranger sitting next to me."


Anna said...

It sounds like my alanon meeting. I am glad you find comfort there and within yourself.

ninotaziz said...

My sanctuary is me...I totally agree.

Carrie Burtt said...

Sounds like my celebrate recovery meetings....such brave, and beautiful words of your sanctuary. Thank you for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...



she said...

My sanctuary is like this, too.