Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now i lay me

i wake up from a dream
of a war that i have never been a part of
scratches on my arms from
running, chasing, hiding
an imaginary enemy
i am fighting
without weapons
without safety
without reason

the air conditioner hums and cools
 the beads of sweat on my brow
the hostile branches i realize
are just clingy sheets
i am surrendering
without fear
without aggression
without pain

 i allow the fatigue to overtake me
the luxury of protected sleep
enwraps me as a warm blanket
tonight i don't have to fight
because someone else is
without name
without recognition
without hesitating

          This is my first entry for Poetry Slam.  Thank you for listening.  Thank you for hearing.  Thank you for remembering.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

this season

this season
means tulips pushing up defiantly
brazen icons of rebirth
wearing purple coats that refuse to bow
to a newborn bed of green

they signal the end of the silent gray
and the announce the first chords
of a jubilant song
telling the masses to rise to their feet
and get ready to dance

Friday, May 6, 2011

THis Little Piggy

I had a mom who tickled my toes
and let me squeeze her hand in the dentist's chair
and put notes in my lunchbox
and didnt yell at me too much when i accidentally lost my retainer

she was the first person i saw in the morning
and the last person i'd see before bed,
usually when she popped her head in my room
warning me to lay down and go to sleep or "else"

I had a mom who tickled my toes
and made treats for my class on my birthday
and always let me buy a book at Farmer Jack
and didnt yell at me too much when i left my retainer at Big Boy

she went on countless field trips
and would bring the soccer cleats i left at home
and lost countless hours of sleep
from the noise of 13 year old sleepovers

I had a mom who said "i love you"
in ways that resembled rice krispie treats and brownies
and would help me dig through the trash
when i accidentally threw my retainer away at school

even the piano lessons she made me take
were "good for me" i suppose
ill always be alright
because i had a mom who tickled my toes

Monday, May 2, 2011


Down a dark alley
I sprint--panting heavily
arms flailing
churning empty space
panic besieges my heart
chest tightens
constricting bands encircle
my fatigued lungs
echoes of footfalls
shake the night
and tilt the pavement underneath
wind rushing through my ears
as high pitched siren
precedes disaster
Shadows stab at my vision
shapes twisting up concrete walls
I dodge intensely to and fro
hot pain through my skull
drowning out all senses
run run run
     my body screams
 contracting muscles near collapse from the strain
       sweat is flung into the night
a corner approaching rapidly
swaying violently in time with my steps
down on the concrete i glance
look look look
      a silhouette grasping from behind me--
arms outstretched--
almost within reach--
it is him; Time--
and he is gaining. 

This was written for Poets United.  This week's theme was Monsters.