Monday, May 28, 2012

the quiet war

For those fighting silent wars...
[Let me tell you about the war, kid]
Out there
I lost every battle i did not fight (thank you fear, thank you white blood cells)
And the war is too still close to call (a photo finish, to say the least)
Take pause while there is a break in the action (roam the hall, use the vending machine)
And remember
Heroes are just victims in someone else's tragedy.

[Let me tell you about the future, kid]
In here
She won every battle she fought (with talons, with claws)
And the war was never even close (out of the park, in fact)
You won't  be able to catch her (no radiation, even from the sun)
And remember
Victims are always heroes in someone else's tragedy.

Dverse pub wishes to recognize memorial day. I do, too.