Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Your eyes look better now," they say

Poets United gave the prompt of LOVE this week.  Ugh. 
I had to really reach deep for this one.  Thanks guys. 

Bubbles of life float through my veins
The edges become blurry and sharp all at once
 in a manicky rush of heat
Flying, flying, flying
I've been here in a dream.
Furry animals scurry up my feet.
Swinging on this end of the see saw
brings with it lime green heartbeats in every pore
And cotton candy brainwaves in every inch.
Up, Up, Up
I go
to the edge of the sky pyramid
and then decide to kiss the birds goodbye

                                        just for now.

For now
i will live with concrete veins
at the edge of a tarpit
watching bohemoths sink and struggle.
Today i will go against every instinct i have
and trust another creature

Is this love?

Don't Take a Snail to the Moon

I once rode a snail to the moon.
The cloudy bright skies
started to hurt my poor eyes
And i guess i'll return not so soon.

      I think anticipation of National Poetry Month has me bringing out my inner child.  As Mark Twain once said, "Life is too important to be taken seriously."  This is in response to the prompt of Trips and Travels at Jingle Poetry.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Heiress

The ghost of the dead heiress
hovers anxiously over the crowd of bargainers below
Who rifle through her dusty hat boxes,
mothy mink coats, sour-smelling bathroom curtains
and unmailed Christmas cards

"Fifty cents?" an onlooker haggles
while Her Majesty bites ethereal lips overhead.
Another barters two bucks for her umbrella,
the one with the crystal-laden handle
she bought in Paris in 1929

Like the grimy recipe cards strewn on the floor,
she collapses in their midst dramatically.
The heiress's estate is picked over by these wretches,
her earthly possessions divied out
in effortless Saturday afternoon transactions.

Sobbing invisibly from above
the ghost knows that her decadent umbrella
will never again smell of the Paris rain
or shelter her frigid skin
from the unforgiving elements

This poem was written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck--the prompt this week was "Trips, Travels, and Vacations."  Visit her page for more wonderful entries!

The Glare

photography by Roger Allen Baut, courtesy of One Stop Poetry

The last thing she saw
was the inside of the windshield,
and thought how beautiful it was
up close
and wondered how many other sights
she had missed
being busy
looking past them


             I ran up the mountain
              and stood on the shore
             I slayed the dragon
              and asked for some more
             I swam the depths
              of the ocean so blue
             I chased down a demon
              and was reborn anew
             I walked through the fire
              and held out my hand
             I challenged God to a duel
              it was all in my plan
             I bade the stars to come close
              they wimpered and fell
             I ran the universe
              all by myself fairly well
             I re-wrote the story
              to bend time clearly
             Then i made it all come true
               Almost... Just nearly.

I had fun making this one!  I had fun imitating Dr. Seuss for a minute, at least :)   This was written in response to the the Sunday Scribbling's prompt this week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exhibit K

This poem was written for Magpie Tales #58

My dignity tacked up on a wall
like some ancient weaponry
of a long-forgotten battle

The museum curator 
(for posterity)
dusts off my soul 
  held inside a shoddy display case

I will only know this wall,
his calloused grip,
and strangers' eyes.

I will never again know
the elevation of victory,
the spoils of war,
the inside of you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A to Z Challenge to the Blogosphere

          Who's up for the challenge?  Personally i will be impressed if i can make it halfway through the month...i have a tendency to be an excellent starter but a not-so-excellent finisher.  That being said, i stumbled across this challenge on a fellow blogger's page and the idea caught my attention. 
         Why NOT try to post something every day, specifically related to a particular letter of the alphabet?  I am trying to change my life using baby steps.  This challenge seemed like a fun "baby-step" to keeping my words flowing...does it sound like i am hyping myself up?  Cuz i am!  Come on, it'll be great!  I swear!  (and we don't have to do it on Sundays...even bloggers must rest on the seventh day)


Easy Art for the Non-Artsy

How much fun is this tool you guys? --->  a word cloud from made from all of my most frequently used words in 2010  (one of those websites that i could play for hours simply input desired text or give your blog address and they do the rest!)


The measure of a lie
Exceeds all physical boundaries
of space and time

Cutting the beat of the heart
to silence
Silence that screams louder than any dying star

A supernova
Extinguishing its last light of existence
in a petulant universe

The space where you once were
Collapses in on itself

And all that remains
is an undetectable pull--
the gravitation of our dark matter.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

...but you get what you need...

Can i borrow your hope?
Mine's running thin.
And i don't know how many more miles until relief appears.

I promise i'll pay you back someday
when i am brimming to the top
and you are low

Sit with me and hope
i can feel your warmth
regenerating my core

a few more miles
a few more days
and we can look back together

and wonder how it all happened.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Transformations all around!

Hello long lost companions!

My, how time flies.  And then stagnates.  And then flies.  As an addict, i frequently cycle between obsessions, one being writing.  I can't believe it's been three months that i've been silent.  Not on purpose, simply distracted by other wonderful distractions--such as reading, homework, painting, exercising, and quitting smoking.  (Some have been more enjoyable than others.)
But, alas, i return to you with an open heart and fresh ink.  I have missed reading your work and the comraderie of our mutual language, and i hope you have missed mine, as i have missed writing.  That being said, i propose my newest creation, entitled:

Shattering the Sky

Sometimes I wonder about the Little Bird
struggling inside his shell
as his tiny beak attempts to crack
the concrete shield encompassing him.

Every now and then
he must collapse
shrinking back in defeat
Little wings aching
from pounding fruitlessly
Little welts growing
on the thin membrane of his flippers

Everytime Little Bird tries to find
a new spot to punch
he is met with resounding echoes
from a callous wall.

How many of these new babies collapse
into hopelessness, certain
that there is nothing beyond the great white void...
and that breaking what traps them
would be akin to
breaking the sky?

Little bird yells:
Is there no life beyond this egg?
How do you know you are inside an egg
when you've never been outside an egg?

Little bird must rely
on some suspicious inner Voice
telling him that someday
the echoes of resistance will
sound like
the cracking of the universe...

Voice whispers:
The pain in your wings is temporary.
If you give up now, you will miss out on everything.
But you gotta earn it.

At brief times, i think
Little Bird hears this Voice clearly.
Most times, though, his walls remain silent
save for the thumping
 of his tiny head.


he makes a choice to keep struggling
because at all times,
he is sure
that he is not home