Monday, August 9, 2010

An Award! Yay me!

I am really honored that Traci over at  38 and growing awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  This is my first award and i am truly grateful for all the wonderful comments and support.  You guys are awesome!

Now i need to tell you seven things about myself:

1.  My favorite book is Charlotte's Web, and yes, my pen name is the character from the book.  Templeton's scrappy and conniving and can be bribed with food (much like myself)!
2.  I like to eat dry cereal.
3.  I have two feline roommates, Frankie and Wilson.
4.  I recently started computer dating.  YIKES!
5.  I still feel about 8 or 9 most days.
6.  My TV remote is currently lost and i'm hoping it finds itself.
7.  I have written a Young Adult novel that i think is pretty good, but i don't know how to proceed.  (Meaning, how to get my stuff out into the world).  I also am trying to get a poetry book together, as well.  But for a girl from Detroit who doesn't have much knowledge about the business, and self esteem for that matter, getting to my dream of publication seems daunting at times!

Now comes the fun part.  i get to nominate 10 other blogs that i feel deserve this award.  Here are the blogs i frequent regularly:

                        Madison at Afternoon Tea
                         Crystal at Autism's Bitch
                        Brenda at Beyond the Bozone
                        Wookie's Girl at Bleeding Insanity Again
                         Mavis at Cinnamon Synonym
                          Amity at Dreams are My Reality  
                            Ellie at Ellie Garrett
                        T at T's Subplot
                            Rebecca at Just a Thought
                          Jack at Letters from a Sanitarium

Thanks again for reading!


Wookies Girl said...

WOW Thank you for the mention. I am honored. I shall follow your blog now. I also write poetry and am beginning some short fictional stories, they are the very opposite of YA though. Please contact me via email. I know many writers like us. They have lot's of info on getting published. 1wookiesgirl(@)gmail(.)com
Thanks again =)

~T~ said...

Thank you so much! What is your novel about? Good luck!

rebecca said...

Wow! Thank you Templeton for that wonderful shout-out though I think a more fitting name for you would be Charlotte, the writer of all things wonderful, no?

Charlotte's Web is one, if not, my favorite children's book. I just finished listening to it on tape the other day (I love to hear books on tape while driving) because I needed something a little light for a change.

So glad you've written something to completion. Good for you! Now do your research and query. Query, query, query! Don't stop now!

Carrie Burtt said...

Congratulations Templeton on the award you deserve it! Love your blog! :-)

Ellie said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you for mine!

brenda w said...

Thanks for the mention. Yay for you completing a YA novel! Woo hoo! That is award worthy in itself. I love your work, you Detroit girls rock!

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Thanks for the award!! It's nice to know people read what you write and like it.