Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Miraculous Epidemic

[scene] Egg and Sperm meet over coffee


[Humanity enters stage Left]

Director yells:  Give adorable monster (vomit, fuzzy eyes and soft gums)
                    then show me a miraculous cruelty (nightmares, broken bones,
                    and a translucent ego)
                      a delicious plague (strawberry chapstick, bathroom stalls and insecurity)
                      a rotten beauty (crows feet, vast hips, and vodka dreams)
                      a filthy rainbow (cardboard boxes, broken garage door openers and cat litter)
                      a terrible courage (aching cavities, crisp linens and clipboards)
                      a blissful punishment (Tums, aching joints and sunburned knees)
                      a melodic tragedy (musty closets, mismatched socks, and old polariods)
                      a gorgeous devestation (doctors, bingo and forgetfulness).
                      End with a repulsive serenity (tremors, front porches and white light)

Humanity:  Such is the nature of mortality.

[Humanity exits stage Right.]

           I totally had help this week coming up with these wonderful oxymorons using the supercool tool found here.  Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the suggestion~Also One Single Impression for the prompt of  "Epidemic."


Leslie said...

Ha - very well put. Life aka humanity

thanks for sharing with One Shot


dustus said...

"show me a miraculous cruelty" I love this post! In particular, you use a few abstract terms like beauty, cruelty, etc... and yet the way your language prompts/directs the reader made it enjoyable to imagine. Humanity enters after egg and sperm have coffee. lol

Mara Nash said...

Funny and profound!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Love all the words - especially egg and sperm meet over coffee!


Anna :o]

vivinfrance said...

You surely had fun with the oxymoron tool.

Brian Miller said...

ha. this is firckin awesome...great one shot!

hedgewitch said...

I like it--I'm not sure these words are such oxymorons after all, after the way you've used them. They seem to blend pretty well into a different and complimentary meaning. An interesting and creative piece.