Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Leveling Effect

we stand,
as members of the same tribe,
in the kitchen making small talk.

There's a strange underlying discrepancy
somewhere along the line
while sitting next to a fire
your great great great great grandfather
decided he didn't like my great great great great grandfather
(or maybe it was the other way around)
because one had more sheep
or one had more women
or one's skin started to darken
or one found the promised land first
or one faced the correct way while praying
or one had a better seat on the heaven bound train

such a shame these men
because their make-believe rituals don't matter now
my fire is still your fire
my tree is still your tree
my air is still your air

and we all mourn the same.

This is in response to this week's idea of making fire over at We Write Poems.


Carrie Burtt said...

The last stanza is powerful Templeton!!....Love this one!!....And yes we do all mourne the true and beautifully written!

Ann Grenier said...

Such truth---if we could all only internalize this one observation how different things might be.

rainboy said...

the last one..i liked the most!

Suz said...

just a powerful batch of words
stirred by you

Violetwrites said...

I guess humanity doesn't want to see that we're all more alike than different in the end.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Your words are so very profound and could fit the situation in almost all of the world's troubled spots right now.
I know from my Northern Ireland experiences, that it takes very little to divide friends and neighbours at times, sadly.


azfree said...

This is amazing. So well said. Grudges of religion, or material wealth, or any sort of grudge at all, it's sooooo not worth it. We are all the same on the inside!

Jingle said...

amazing, love the last stanza, divine sentiments.

sharplittlepencil said...

Templeton, thanks for visiting my blog. It's true - the old grudges are often the reason for bloody wars. Time to look at all our commonalities.

This might resonate with you:

Peace, Amy

kez said...

love it and so true about so many situations well written ..thank you

indiwriter said...

This is a soup to warm cold winter hearts.. lovely..

glh said...

Profoundly resonating from such simplicity - your words ring true for many to empathise with.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you also for following my blog - I look forward to following the words of another teacher for I too spend my days in a glorious asylum!

glh :)

Mary said...

Such a strong message. So true!

Lolamouse said...

Too bad so many people even today don't grasp the meaning of your last stanza. Thanks for visiting my blog!

verbality said...

Fantastic! We do all mourn the same but some people fail to realize. Great work!

verbality said...

Fantastic! We do all mourn the same but some people fail to realize. Great work!

Jingle Poetry said...

share a piece with poetry potluck if you can,

appreciate your support.

Vinay said...

oh, if only people understood that all are born equal and die equal, so the middle doesn't really give a hoot! :P or atleast, it shouldn't!

Rally Week 41 - My Poetry

shafeeq valanchery said...

and we mourn all the same...

ibro2g said...

Oh this is just brilliant, and beautiful. I love it