Friday, April 29, 2011


Sitting at conference tables
Name tags indicate
our area of expertise
I have a flashback to first grade

Putting desks into groups of four
I was in the Bluebird group
(for the highest level of reading)
along with equivalent peers

I felt safe and secure
 at the top
Striving to singlehandedly
out-do Dick and Jane

But deep down
I've always wanted to be a Robin:
unabashed, troublesome, and

Their group required courage,
boldness and impulsivity
They didn't mind being illiterate
or not getting the worm.

I bet my colleagues were Bluebirds, too.
We debate educational concepts and theories,
reinventing the wheel
for this generation of aviators

While most people long for
the Bluebird's remarkable color,
I have always envied
the Robin's unapologetic song.


Jingle Poetry said...

super apt piece.

Bluebirds memories are awesome!

Old 333 said...

I have a particular liking for robins. They are sometimes a bit misfit; not as smart as the starlings, but brave and exciting. Also greedy and fat! I love to go out early early when they are eating all the nasty bugs in the compost and hear their gurglingly full, indignant little chirps at my intrusion.

English Rider said...

Try flapping your wings. Blame it on Robin:)

Judy Roney said...

What an interesting take on Bluebirds vs. Robins in life. This got my attention and was a great way to end "I have always envied
the Robin's unapologetic song."

hedgewitch said...

We are always attracted to that element we admire but don't necessarily have. The world needs both Robins and Bluebirds, and perhaps each learned something form the other here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow....I was a Bluebird, too...and I'm finding (at 44!) that I've been having some Robin envy lately!

What goes around, comes around!

I love the poem!

Brian Miller said...

nice..i like this and there is truth to it...i was a 'bluebird' up til high school and then jumped ship...

Henry Clemmons said...

Wow. such a unique refreshing voice that doesn't try to sound poetic. I loved it. Great job and will look forward to reading more.

Matt Coughlan said...

autonomy sings
a robin outside our cage
harmonious mind


Sally J said...

like the voice and the hint at incongruity of our inner thoughts.

shelly said...

Nice poem. I see that you stopped by my blog. I've found myself in a law office and a hair salon. Not where I intended to go. Oh, well...

Terry said...

After a long cold winter, robins are a very welcome sight.

Following google friend connect and networked blogs.

Eileen said...

Tells a great story about memories and a longing for change.

spearmint baby said...

so interesting. i think as human beings we are always envious of others with different qualities.

BTW, following via the blog hop :) be sure to link up for our Alexa hop this week too:

xo, shari

Anonymous said...

Nicely done...I enjoyed your personifications, or is it birdifications. Right on. Plus I'm absolutely in love with Calvin and Hobbes. Have the complete collection for when I need an antidepressant!

Geoff Maritz said...

Hi. Just stopped in to say "Thanks for following my blog." The only Robins we get here are Cape Robins, rather larger than European Robins and not red but yellow. Their song is very loud and during the mating season they will sit at a window and attack their reflection over and over again untill they become bored. I have never seen a Bluebird?God bless you my new friend. Geoff.

Paul said...

Ah well I was a robin, now more of a bluebird and there is struggle and disappointment for both, better a guilded cage than a frozen red breast? There 's beauty in both - love this poem - thought provoking.