Friday, November 5, 2010

The Shoreline

Okay, so here we go.  I think you can all tell where my head's at.  If you can't, please read my previous post to see where my emotions are originating from right now. 
My mom told me one time that God can handle my anger-- i should be angry with Him and then move on.  Here's to hoping.


She looks down at the granules at her feet,
"If moments of time were measured in sand,
I wish I could
go back and give you a beachful."

She looks up at the silent stars in the sky,
"Fuck you, God.
Fuck you."

[In reply,
there is nothing but the sound
of the wind and the waves,
"They were never yours to give."]


She looks down at the keys on her keyboard,
"I will find the words to bring you back--
that can heal us both."

She looks up at the whirling ceiling fan
"Fuck you, God.
Fuck you."


An electric memory shoots from the back
of her brain
[or from the silent sky]

Lying on the beach with her friend.
The wind whipped hard that day,
mixing the pleasure of the sun's rays with gravely rain.
her friend bolted upright from her beach towel.
"Are you ready to go yet?"
"It's too sandy."
"Carrie, it's the beach."
"I know but it's windy and getting all over.  I'm going for a walk.  Just not a fan of sand.  Never have been, never will be."
"Well, i'm not ready to get up. I'm gonna lie here for a while."
"Okay, see you later."
"Bye, Carrie."


A granule of hope appears. 
She never liked sand, anyway.

       The previous poem was written as my first attempt at participating in Theme Thursday.  Everyone should check this site out!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Well-written, powerful, full of emotion and very real. I love the grain of hope at the end.........good writing!

brokenpenwriter said...

Before I read the previous post, I read this. And I knew... I knew the feelings and recognised the need to say Fuck You, God as my heart screamed the angry release of loss and separation. By the time I moved down to read the previous post I saw where your grief was going. Two beautiful pieces of work - raw in emotion and blatantly honest, like death.

Anonymous said...

I believe those that love the deepest bleed the deepest, too. I'm glad this ended in hope. :)

Carrie Burtt said...

There always is a granule of hope....this is a powerful poem Templeton....and like legend said....those that love the deepest bleed the deepest as well....keep on writing....:-)

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

I enjoyed the previous piece, but I think this one sings to me .. the emotions are spot-on, and there is no doubt as to the loss. You my dear is flowing with talent, and I have enjoyed reading you.