Saturday, November 27, 2010


The following poem is written for Magpie Tales, a weekly photoprompt that everyone should check out!

Clumps of designer mascara
Trickle down surgically-crafted cheekbones
her biggest decision involved 
choosing what marble to use in the kitchen
and what cut
her diamond earrings should be
her biggest decision involves
choosing the fanciest urn for his ashes
and where
on the mantle he should go

Red wine and valium
serve as the cocktail of the elite.
Tiny Pomeranians
serve as living accessories to her Gucci boots.

Running to the bathroom,
she vomits
(For once, not by choice)
He left her without instructions
or a designer clutch to carry them in
And now
she must navigate the dreamhouse alone

The 2,000 thread count
Egyptian sheets on
the king-sized bed grow cold.
Oh lonely trophy wife,
who will polish you now?


RockiBottom said...

Wow!!! This was beautifully written and extremely thought provoking. I am honestly impressed by this.

PonyGirl said...

I love this!!! it really makes you think about some of those poor truely mislead people who think that life is for material really makes you wonder...;-)

Lane Savant said...


Glenn Buttkus said...

Outstanding piece..of poetry.
It is difficult to create empathy
for someone shallow, who has
survived on her looks, but you
brought it home. I like the line
/she must navigate the dream
house alone/

Berowne said...

Well written, moving...

Fireblossom said...

Oh well, we all tend to try to make it on our strengths, not what may be most admirable. I have often thought that, for women who rely on their looks, it must be a little terrifying to know that the thing that gives them their power will fade and disappear, inevitably. And, it must be a weird feeling to be valued for what one appears to be, rather than for who one actually is. Disconnect!

Jingle Poetry said...

thought provoking.
who will polish it?
love the ending question...

don't forget to link some of your poems to potluck tonight,
Happy Sunday!

Everyday Goddess said...

had no idea about your wonderful magpie! i just wrote mine today!

great minds!

Mary said...

Wow! Well done. Last two lines are really powerful.

Anonymous said...

what a clever way to present your message! this is good!

Shashi said...

Ahh !!! Very interesting take on the life of upwardly mobile rich people... I enjoyed th metaphors in your verse...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Really good, I enjoyed the listing of her wealth and the ending. A sad comment on some people today.

Jinksy said...

A cynical, modern fairy tale, if ever I heard one...

Reflections said...

Really well written piece. You have captured her essence well.

Fyodor Lewis said...

Ah, desolation after extreme decadence. A theme that the wealthy should keep in mind.
Great poem.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

"valium and red wine" ohhh deadly. That was a sad twist to reality and quite a twist to the tale; I felt sad for her and then pity. Nice poem and great closing line!.

Anonymous said...

I really love the end question, I wonder what the answer in this case would be. Enjoyable read!

Anonymous said...

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Chrisa said...


I just love your blog, as the disgruntled wannabe writer I am, who instead became the mom of a teen who spends way too much quality time in a psych ward. I know it sucks, but to some of us, people like you are a blessing.

hedgewitch said...

Missed this during the magpie run--a great take on the superficiality of modern life, not without empathy as others have pointed out, but also not taken in by the false shiny. Liked it a lot, and thanks for stopping by my place.

LiBBy said...

Love it. It conjures up the faces of some wives I have known....not a pretty sight I might add.

Heavenly Muse said...

first time visited your blog.
the little cute mouse attracted me towards it :-)
nice use of words.

Sandie lee said...

Excellent! I found your blog through She Writes

Sandie lee

SW said...

I missed this Magpie, guess I was in my own version of the cukoo's nest. Absolutely stunning, your magpie, good girl. I haven't stopped by your blog in a while. I enjoy your writing.
Thanks for sharing

Old 333 said...

Pomeranians could make amazing ortolan-esque tasties, I muse...

followed a link in from blade Of Grass. Enjoyed the poem, and found myself amused to be a (very late) thirty-something who is a writer but found himself in an adolescent psychiatric hospital too, long ago - but on the other side of the table! I used to read myself to sleep with the CPS most nights in that lockup room! I never stole the drugged lollipops, though, only the literature. Interests vary.

Anyway - interesting, and i'll be interested to read some more of your stuff. Tonight i have hit the phase i used to call Museum Burn: two hours of other folks' art and I'm done. But bookmarked you are. And thanks for sharing out here!

it's a fine Web we're all weaving.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Its so hauntingly beautiful. Thanks for posting.