Monday, November 15, 2010


Today I found myself
pulling one of your letters
from the dusty shoebox
hiding behind wrapping paper and old yearbooks.

Under the swinging lightbulb
I ran my fingers over the aged ink
gently--ever so gently

In the moment I was touching you
for the crease of the paper
was the ridge under your nose
and i traced it seductively
all the way to the edge...

Staring in between the letters
I saw us dancing--
our shapes twisting in rhythm
to the rise and fall of the words
once again

To me,
this paper will always smell
of time and regret:
of moments captured and caged,

Where are you now?

I think you would be amused to know
that our memories
live, trapped, in a shoebox
in my closet.

The following poem is a submission to Jingle's POetry Potluck.   Thanks for reading a have a great week!


Bob Messer said...

Outstanding distillation of curiosity and nostalgia. Great last line about the shoebox. Thanks for sharing.

Here is my submission:

Anonymous said...

I like, I like, I liiiiiiiiike :) totally! really nicely done, thank you for sharing :)

Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks for sharing with potluck.

flaubert said...

A beautiful recollection of memories.
Nicely done.

TALON said...

I really loved this. Yes, the memories we keep stored in closets and boxes.

Kay said...

oh, how I comprehend this one... the keeper of all letters... I'll sale and get rid of everything in life, but the letters... they always keep safe with me :)

Great post!

Kay said...

.... Actually..... now that I think about it.... it's kind of sad, because the new generation, they wont have that keepsake.... aww....

goes to show, write a letter. :)

Anonymous said...

you captured your thoughts beautifully..

Susannah said...

That is beautiful! I am so enjoying your writing. :-)

fire in the hooooole said...

hey...that's SWEET, wow.., i could really feel it =)

Anonymous said...

great piece. made me think of my own stash of correspondence... wonderful job!

Carrie Burtt said...

This is breathtaking Templeton....i love love love this poem!

Jingle Poetry said...

please claim award and treats from my entry #160,
week 10 potluck...
Glad to see you shine and share.
see you next week.

Shashi said...

Its beautiful.. as well as poignant. I enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous with powerful imagery and these lines just flip me out -

"this paper will always smell
of time and regret:"

A stunning piece

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

So tenderly sweet, if there is such a thing .. brought tears to these old tired eyes ... for I have grandchildren in the military, and I can imagine what their wives are feeling. Thank you for this, beautiful and creatively written, to say the least.

Jingle said...


Anonymous said...

this was so sweet, i can feel the regret. we all wish we could go back in time sometimes...
my entry:

Jinksy said...

Shoeboxes and mamories often go together...