Sunday, March 27, 2011


             I ran up the mountain
              and stood on the shore
             I slayed the dragon
              and asked for some more
             I swam the depths
              of the ocean so blue
             I chased down a demon
              and was reborn anew
             I walked through the fire
              and held out my hand
             I challenged God to a duel
              it was all in my plan
             I bade the stars to come close
              they wimpered and fell
             I ran the universe
              all by myself fairly well
             I re-wrote the story
              to bend time clearly
             Then i made it all come true
               Almost... Just nearly.

I had fun making this one!  I had fun imitating Dr. Seuss for a minute, at least :)   This was written in response to the the Sunday Scribbling's prompt this week.


MorningAJ said...

Apart from slaying dragons this is cool. But we're a dragon-friendly home and we have to object to killing them ! :)

Dulce said...

Ego is good if it is this good and good for the ego... Fab!

delphiandreams said...

I loved the flow and images in this!

Lisa said...

Delightful! I very much enjoyed this.

Khaalidah said...

Wow....this was nice on many levels. Firstly, Dr. Seusse would be most jealous indeed.
Secondly the message bowls me over. It makes me think about all the things we think we're in control of but really are not.
Nearly is right! And so is this poem.

jaanpehchaan said...

I had to re-read it again,
After your reference to Dr. Seuss
And really enjoyed it the second time,
When my mind caught the rhyme!
Here is mine!

Sulthana said...

This certainly looks like it was fun to go wild and write :)