Saturday, March 19, 2011

...but you get what you need...

Can i borrow your hope?
Mine's running thin.
And i don't know how many more miles until relief appears.

I promise i'll pay you back someday
when i am brimming to the top
and you are low

Sit with me and hope
i can feel your warmth
regenerating my core

a few more miles
a few more days
and we can look back together

and wonder how it all happened.


Old 333 said...

Steps: 1. Let glass fill, relishing pain of thirst. 2. Wait for that meniscus! 3. Lick the tears of fortune before they hit the table, as your glass spilleth over.

Pray for rain, always.

And thanks for the poem!! Enjoyed it.

Peter G.

Templeton's fury said...

science + lovely language. You rock!

thanks for the compliment, Peter!

Judy Roney said...

I love this poem. You can borrow some of my hope when I have some to spare. What a wonderful take on the prompt.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Templeton's Fury,
I am so pleased to see you back again writing.
I also understand the message within the words of your poem. Many of us who write, face the good and bad times, that you are 'speaking about.
And, through Poets United, you have a community of writers, more than willing to 'lend you an ear'.
All Good Wishes, Eileen
PS: Thank you for your comments at my poem.

Paul Andrew Russell said...


Willow said...

Wow, nailed hope.

Boom Boom Larew said...

Sharing hope until hope finds us again... lovely thought!

Jingle said...

love the open line,
very well done.

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Jingle Poetry said...


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Ella said...

I love the idea of lifting and filling a friend with hope. The idea of sharing one's hope is such a lovely sentiment~ Great Job~

Not the wizard of oz.. said...

My Words are not so poetic...but you can have some of my hope any time.

Templeton's fury said...

Thank you Non-Wizard...i often do ;)

Steven Cain said...

I know, huh.

gautami tripathy said...

I like it!

the beast demands

Sulthana said...

awww, this was a very sweet one :)