Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Great Game

the following is written for Magpie Tales, because i needed to go somewhere in my head today and they suggested an intriguing place....

O to be a Titan!
Emanating strength and power and reserve
Fly rhythmically above the earth
and in silent motion stir the heavens

I would carry the world in my arms
daring the others to play "keep away"
with the luscious blue orb
tucked safely in my grip

A fluid struggle would ensue
The other Titans chasing me
Reaching, straining rock-like muscles
Circle in merry-go-round fashion

O to be a Titan!
Emanating stealth and speed and cunning
You would turn a blasphemous face from me
you tiny, tiny man


C.M. Jackson said...

oh yes, I need these words when I am starting my week-great write! c

Helen said...

This is so full of power and strength ... vibrating with it!

Jo Bryant said...

Oh - to be a Titan - is my wish for the day now :)

HyperCRYPTICal said...

What strong words - excellent.

Anna :o]

Henry Clemmons said...

Oh, to be a titan, indeed. A great inspiring entertaining write. Well presented. Bravo!

Life@Cee said...

Such strength and confidence. The blue orb seems safe in his hands.