Monday, July 5, 2010


The wide-eyed, pig-tailed girl inhales deeply and smells the residue of old flame. 

This week i am a used sparkler stick. 
All the glitter and magic has fallen off, burned out.
I twist myself around but no matter what
           configuration i convolute
my limbs into,
I cannot



Musty and crusty, i fling myself onto the abyss of the gravel driveway.

Deciding to have a pity parade
i ignore the revelers dancing around me. 
If i can't be majestic again, I have no reason to celebrate.
I will refuse to look into the heavens and marvel at the brilliance of others.

The girl, sticky-fingered from Superman ice cream, bends over and picks me up. 
She clutches me like a wand or a scepter, spinning my darkened form in the air.

[you wont let me go]

She won't discard me because my luster has extinguished. 

[I don't deserve to be held this tightly.]

This must be


steveroni said...

It is lovely how you can give a name...a any object. It is as you have become a child again, and "see" things which others do not.

And maybe that is an attribute of a fine!

RNSANE said...

What an incredible piece of poetry. Amazing.

Tina said...

Ok, I'm hooked. You're a brilliant writer and I'm your new follower. This was amazing.

transparentnow? said...

Dear Templeton:

Please feel free to absolutely be yourself today and for the rest of your life. You have no idea how much I LONG to see you smile and enjoy every moment of every day. I----I designed the world so that you would be blessed by it's very existence.

YOU are the reason I gave up everything. You and You alone mean EVERYTHING to me.....